Biological and Medicinal Chemistry

Metabolite assemblies of urea cycle and uric acid pathway



Herein, we report the aggregation properties of metabolites of urea cycle and uric acid pathway. The aggregation/ self-assembly properties of these metabolites were studied extensively via microscopic techniques. In this context the self-assembling properties of citrulline, ornithine, xanthine, hypoxanthine, cytosine and uracil were studied by assessing its aggregation under varying ageing time from fresh to day 15 of incubation. Interestingly, the metabolites exhibited tendency to aggregate and form soft fibril assembly during the course of ageing and gradually changes to crystalline structures on prolonged incubation. The results presented in this manuscript may have important implications in the pathogenesis of diseasescause urea and uric acid pathway metabolic dysfunction like HHH syndrome, Citrullinemia, Xanthinuria, Lesh Nyahn syndrome and Gout caused by accumulation of these metabolites.


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