Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Design of Time-Dependent Photoacoustic Tomography (TD-PAT) to measure and monitor the growth rate and treatment of cancer


  • Arijit Bag Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology West Bengal


Detection of the real-time growth rate of cancer and visualization of the effectiveness of chemotherapy using live cell imaging techniques are yet to be invented. However, these could be conducive to monitoring the cancer treatment more precisely. In the present article, a new technique is proposed that will be able to accomplish the necessity mentioned earlier. The recent development and success of organometallic carbonyl clusters as photoacoustic contrast agents and cancer drugs have fetched a few freedom for the fate of new technologies towards the invention of time-dependent photoacoustic tomography (TD-PAT) that could ease the detection and treatment of cancer using advanced clinical chemotherapy.


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