Materials Science

Broadband-tunable spectral response of perovskite-on-paper photodetectors using halide mixing



Paper offers a low-cost and widely available substrate for electronics. It posses alternative characteristics to silicon, as it shows low density and high-flexibility, together with biodegradability. Solution processable materials, such as hybrid perovskites, also present light and flexible features, together with a huge tunability of the material composition with varying optical properties. In this study, we combine paper substrates with halide-mixed perovskites for the creation of low-cost and easy-to-fabricate perovskite-on-paper photodetectors with a broadband-tunable spectral response. From the bandgap tunability of halide-mixed perovskites we create photodetectors with a cut-off spectral onset that ranges from the NIR to the green, by increasing the bromide content on MAPb(I1-xBrx)3 perovskite alloys. The devices show a fast and efficient response. The best performances are observed for the pure I and Br perovskite compositions, with a maximum responsivity of 376 mA/W on the MAPbBr3 device. This study provides an example of the wide range of possibilities that the combination of solution processable materials with paper substrates offer for the development of low-cost, biodegradable and easy-to-fabricate devices.


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Supplementary material

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Device fabrication
Steps to fabricate the paper-supported perovskite photodetectors